Meet Our Ministers


Our Church started without a building. Pastor Crippen began preaching on a street corner over 50 years ago- We've come a long way since then, now let us introduce ourselves.

Senior Pastor Henry Crippen

Pastor Crippen has been in the ministry for nearly 60 years and has been called "Granite City's Pastor." 

Pastor Crippen on Sunday morning

First Lady Cathy Crippen

For over 30 years, God has given her a desire to teach His word and spread the good news of love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. She has a heart filled with compassion and would feel honored to pray with you.

Reverend Cathy teaching on a sunday evening

Associate Pastor Brian Crippen

If you have any questions or would like to get to know me contact me at 618.447.6450

Reverend Brian Crippen

Reverend Michael Grace

He loves to share God's word and deliver truth to all people.

Mike Grace posing for the camera

Reverend Jerry Leibold

From one who ministers at Word of Life. 

Having a desire to minister a life in Jesus to others started in 1994 when I found myself listening to preaching on the radio. I found myself wanting more of it and I even told people what I heard while I was sitting at the bar of a local tavern.

Soon after, I found myself going to a church, at least once. 

Soon after, I found myself enjoying the hearing of "The Word" so much, I committed myself to coming to church full time, leaving my old ways of life. 

Soon after, I found myself feeling dirty and ashamed inside and running to the front of the church- needing Jesus to come and live inside me to take it away.

From that day forward, there was no more soon afters! From that day forward, I felt clean and complete, wanting to minister a life in Jesus to others. 

My only question is... did I find Jesus or did He find me?

Jerry Leibold teaching during sunday school

Adam Grace

Adam was born and raised at Word of Life and then attended Greenville University where he focused on Biblical studies. He is our youngest pastor and we are proud to have him at our church.

Adam Grace

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